Hi, I'm Catherine Green

I am an energy healer and I love what I do!  Fulfilling my purpose, following my passion, helping to create powerful changes in the lives of others - it is simply a magnificent way to greet each day.

I feel blessed to have been gifted with the awareness, sensitivity, ability and insight to integrate my thirty plus years of knowledge and experience of healing modalities to support and to empower others to have more balance, health, joy and be empowered. 

I dedicate myself to the ultimate wellbeing of every client I work with.  When they shout in joy or hold their hand to their heart in understanding and peace I am humbled by their ability to empower themselves for such miraculous transitions.


If you would like to undergo change in your life or experience relief from dis-ease or chronic pain, I may be able to help you.  Please do not hesitate to contact me, tell me what it is you need and we'll discuss your concerns.

In energy healing my physical presence is not necessary so distance healing is possible.

Healing Centre

My husband and I are twin flames and often work together.  We travel to areas where we are needed and you can find out when we might be near you by visiting the calendar page.  We also work from our home which is ideal because the land beneath our home is riddled with milky quartz crystals and we have sacred portals here which help to heighten healing vibrations and empower meditation and communication.  Learn More


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Riding the Ascension Waves
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~ With more than 35 Years Experience in the Healing Fields~